Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hoosier Girl – Alaskan Memories No. 6

Ketchikan was our last Alaskan stop – and my favorite.  Unfortunately, it was also our shortest stop.  We really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary here.  We did go to a fun, lumberjack show and browsed through the quaint shops on Creek Street.  I think Ketchikan just struck me as being what I really “expected” Alaska to be.  A little town along the water’s edge, with  mountains surrounding the town.  Fishermen and lumberjacks and totem poles and salmon.  I really did LOVE Ketchikan.




Throughout the town – Totem Poles of every shape and color.  All of my grandsons were the recipients of Totem Poles when Grandma came home to Indiana.

IMG_1883 IMG_1857

IMG_1887 IMG_1913

And then there is Creek Street.  Basically a street of shops and buildings built on stilts over the creek.  Lots of charm, but kind of “funky” smelling. 



One of the most “infamous” buildings on Creek Street is Dolly’s House.  Ketchikan had legalized prostitution until the 1950’s and Dolly was made a name for herself in Ketchikan.






On our way back to the ship, we came across a man who was raising an injured Bald Eagle.  She was considered an “immature” female because she is less than 5 years old and has not gotten her white crown of feathers.  He stood and talked to us and explained what she ate and how she lived.  She knows that he has a treat in his pocket – and she’s looking for it.



And finally, after once last scurry to find those last minute souvenirs – it was time to get back on board the Amsterdam.  By early afternoon, we had set sail.  Next stop is Victoria, Canada – 6:00 tomorrow evening.


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