Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hoosier Girl – Alaskan Memories No. 4

Day 4 of our Alaskan Adventure – cruising the Hubbard Glacier.  I really didn’t know what to expect from this.  I mean, I thought we’d run out on deck for 15-20 minutes, snap some photos and head back inside.  Little did I know that we would be utterly entranced, that we’d spend nearly 2 hours on deck, taking a hundred photos.

The morning was beautiful – mild temps, a hint of sunshine and calm seas. 

IMG_1447 IMG_1457

We strolled along the Lido Deck just in time to see them wheel out the Alaskan version of Apple Cobbler.  Can you say “YUM?”


After lunch, we noticed that the temperatures started to drop and the skies clouded as we approached the glacier.  We got into our warm clothes, grabbed our gloves and something warm to drink and headed out on deck to get our first glimpse of the Hubbard Glacier.


See how it “snakes” back like a river.  Well that’s just what it is – a river of moving ice.  Moves 18’ a year.  And that “river” goes back 75 miles inland.  You think this looks “awesome” – just wait.  We sailed right up to it!!


This was how a lot of people bided their time until we got closer – wrapped in blankets on the deck chairs.  The staff even walked around with trays of hot, pea soup.  Can anyone say “Titanic?”


The closer we got, the more amazing the views.  This thing rises 380’ out of the water and another 200’ below the surface. 


As we stood and watched, we’d here a sound like a rifle shot.  It was actually the sound that was made when a piece of the glacier broke off and fell into the water.  This process is called “calving”. 


The reason it’s blue?  Has something to do with light and ice crystals and the fact that blue is the last color to be able to escape from the prism.


…and now, we’re getting close!!!



I think this was the day I felt very insignificant.

 IMG_1582 IMG_1584A

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