Friday, July 17, 2009

“The Best Day of the Summer”

Yesterday, Carrie and I spent the day on Clear Lake at Fuller Resort in Buchanan, Michigan.  The Ellam family had rented a cabin there for the week, and had invited us up to spend a day.   We packed our cooler, grabbed the beach towels, sunscreen and floating apparatus and headed into Michigan for the day.   The kids were like “fish” – spending most of their day in the lake.  Grace loved digging in the sand for “she-shells” and Nolan was delighted to have Ben show him how to fish from the dock.  The General Store offered 25 cent ice cream cones for the kids.  And at the end of the day, Nolan said “Grandma, this was the best day of the summer”.    I couldn’t help but agree.  In fact, Carrie and I booked a cabin for next July – for the two of us and Kelli, along with Nolan, Grace and Jack.  If our husband’s decide to join us – fine.  If not, they’ll miss out on “the best WEEK of the summer”.

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