Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Frog Rescuers….

The story began two weeks ago, when a large frog found himself trapped in the window well of Carrie and Joe’s house.  This window well housed one of the basement egress windows, just outside of the kid’s  playroom – and the frog would sit and watch the kids through the glass.  Carrie knew he would eventually die, but she didn’t have the nerves to climb into the window well and rescue the stranded frog.  Today, with Nolan and Kelli’s help, the frog was rescued and returned to safety in the lot behind their house.  Nolan tried first, but even with a little prodding from a plastic putter, the frog wouldn’t jump into the bucket.  Now, it was Aunt Kelli’s turn.  And she was successful in convincing the frog that they were simply trying to save his life.

IMG_0454IMG_0457 IMG_0459IMG_0467

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Kim said...

What? Lisa didn't offer to come over and help? Ask her what she thinks of frogs!

The frogs (all shapes and sizes) are out in full force here. All over my windows and screens. Your grandkids would love it. When we move here, Mark had just turned 3 and he would just stand/sit and stare at the frogs. I alway knew where he was. They are clever little critters too. The are really sneaky and when you least expect it, you'll find a stray in the house. YUCK.