Friday, April 17, 2009

The Day She Waited All Winter For...

Grace has had April 10th marked on her calendar all winter. That was the day that Grace and her Mom and her Grandma and her Great Aunt Vicki were taking the train into Chicago and doing the American Girl Store.

We boarded the South Shore at 8:50 in the morning and settled back to enjoy the ride - except for Grace, who asked every 10 minutes "how much longer". The South Shore is convenient, but it's not a speedy trip.

Aside from the human travelers aboard the South Shore, there were more than just a few American Girl dolls. Grace brought Kit and Bitty Baby with her. Her ultimate goal today is to buy the Bitty Twins, which means we'll be bringing FOUR dolls home tonight on the train.

We had brunch reservations at 11:00 (Chicago time). We got off the train at 10:35 and hustled ourselves a mile up Michigan Avenue to the long awaited pot of gold at the end of Grace's rainbow.

Brunch was just wonderful!!! Not only was the food good, they leave no detail untouched. They even provide chairs for the dolls that you bring - AND, if you forgot to bring your doll, they have dolls they will let you borrow so that you have a "lunch companion". I think the following photos will give you the general idea...

After brunch, we explored the store and purchased the long awaited Bitty Twins. At this point, we discovered we could pay $5 and have her original Bitty Baby cleaned. Trust me, this doll was in need of a good cleaning. By the time they were done, little Ms. Bitty was like NEW!!

After some shopping for Kit and a photo shoot with her doll, we trudged back down Michigan Avenue - without near the enthusiasm of four hours earlier. Grandma made a detour on Randolph Street to grab some Garrett's Popcorn and then it was back on the train - three grown women, one five year old and four dolls.

Hey Grace - looks to me like this day was worth waiting for!!

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Life's A Journey... said...

What an AWESOME day for everyone! Pics were great! Glad to see you are feeling better and blogging again!