Thursday, January 22, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast.....

Seventeen years ago, I was pregant with my 7th (and last) child. My friend, Mary Lou was pregnant with her 2nd. I gave birth to Kelli in February, and Michael was born in June. The two of them have grown up together. They learned to crawl, they walked, they road bikes, they went to DisneyWorld together, they graduated from grade school, and they got their driver's licenses this past summer. They are like an "unbiological" brother and sister team.

No matter who they have for a mid-winter date, Michael always comes over to our house and poses with Kelli - it's a tradition. And this year was no different. Even though Bob and I were in Chicago, Mary Lou and Michael came to our house - the kids posed, and Mary Lou took the photos.

From a mom's point of view....STOP GROWING.

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Melody said...

Hard to believe that is the little girl who came into the concession stand to hit me up for candy. Our granddaughters are the age she was when we started. Before you know it, they will be the beautiful girls getting ready for Mid-winter dances.