Friday, December 12, 2008

Rolling Right Along....

Things are falling into place in regards to Katie and Santiago's wedding plans. We met last night with a photographer and he seems to be the perfect fit. We have the date, the church, the reception venue, and the wedding gown. We've decided on a color - dark purple - now we just have to agree on a style for the bridesmaids. She's also decided that as for flowers, she just wants white. AND, my friend Jenny Hoke is doing an engagement photo session with them over Christmas break. The guest list is nearly completed - thanks to the groom, and a meeting is set with Fr. Chris at St. Adalbert for Monday.

So, here's a link to our photographer's website and some photo ideas of where we're heading.

I think it was the photo on the main page of his website that sealed the deal for her.

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