Monday, December 08, 2008

Night Time Visitors

Saturday, it snowed all day and most of the night. Sunday morning, I woke to bright sunshine and a pristine front lawn. Unlike when the kids were small, and running through the fresh snow and building snowmen and snow forts - I now have a beautiful, untrampled front yard.

Pretty, huh? Not a footprint to be found.

Wait a minute! What is this?? Look at this MESS under my crabapple tree! Just who might the guilty culprit be??

Well, last night I was laying in bed about 9:30 watching a movie and the phone rang. It was Bill, our next door neighbor. "Patty, go look out your front window". Ah-ha! I'm going to be able to catch the culprit! It turned out to be four culprits - four beautiful deer. Two standing "guard" in the street and two, standing under the tree, munching on the crabapples.

Kelli and I sat for a few minutes watching them from our dark living room window. They were no more than 8 feet away from us and I'm sure they could hear us whispering, because a few minutes later they looked at the window and with a hop, skip and a jump they were across the street and into the woods.

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