Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby.....

The day after Christmas is a day to hit the mall for all the great bargains!!!! Except when the roads are covered with INCHES of solid ice! What a mess!! By noon, Colleen was stir-crazy and ventured over to our house. Kelli and Kevin entertained Benjamin while Colleen and I and little Andrew headed to the mall. Once we got out of the subdivision, we were "ok" - that is, until we reached the mall parking lot. Total strangers were helping each other maneuver across patches of ice. While I pushed the stroller, a nice gentlemen helped Colleen and Andrew make it to dry and non-slick ground. Once inside the mall, Andrew slept for 3 hours and his mom and I hit the sales!!! We met Aunt Chrissie and Aunt Katie for lunch and little Andrew slept through the entire event. Even though I found some GREAT buys, I'm glad to be home in my warm, dry house for the evening - and hopefully I can keep Kevin and Kelli off the roads.

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