Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And So It Begins....

The cooking frenzy has begun. In 24 hours, my house will be invaded by approximately 25 people - hungry and ready to open presents and watch the Irish play in Hawaii. This will be a first - football on Christmas Eve.

So, back to the cooking frenzy. I was up early and out the door to stand in line for 40 minutes at Eby's Meat Market with Bobby's generous gift certificate from HRP Construction. We will now be dining on a beautiful Prime Rib Roast and of course, plenty of Polish Sausage (with garlic).

All of the groceries have been bought. Bobby's in charge of the beer, and I brought lots of Rum home from our cruise. I think we're set. Now, I'm ready to settle in and start cooking. So far, I've completed the Iced Sugar Cookies, the Chex Mix, the Tortilla Roll-Ups, the Tempting Taco Cheese Ball and the Chipped Beef Dip. The Shrimp is thawing. That will take care of today.

Tomorrow's line-up includes: Sausage Stars, Queso, Taco Dip, Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and of course, the Sausage and the Prime Rib.

That's it - the kitchen is calling my name!!! I'll report back tomorrow, with photos of some of the goodies.

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