Friday, November 07, 2008

Starting Off on the Right Foot.....

This week, the local high schools started their conference play in bowling. Over the past year, I've heard what a great bowler Kelli's boyfriend Ben is. I already knew he was a good baseball player and I've had the chance to sit in the stands and watch him play. So, a few weeks ago, his mom sent me his bowling schedule. I decided to make it a point to get out there and watch him over the next few weeks. So, Tuesday was Week 1 of the Michiana Conference League - Clay High School vs. Penn High School. It was Election Day, Kelli had softball practice until 6:00 - things were just very busy. As I'm leaving work, my cell phone rings and it's my friend Mary Lou. (Her son Michael bowls for St. Joseph High School.) The first words out of her mouth were, "where's Kelli, when her boyfriend's bowling a 300 game?" I couldn't believe it - how exciting is that??!!!

So, a couple hours later he shows up in my family room with McDonald's and a big smile on his face. Congratulations Ben!! No pressure, but you know you're going to have to do this again when I come to watch you.

From the South Bend Tribune under Prep Scoreboard:

CLAY 17 (1111, 937) PENN 3 (1003, 926)

Clay: Ben Ellam 300, 223; Travis Wise 224, 216; Joe Wesolowski 212

Penn: Josh Jaworski 246; Tyler Tharp 237; Jason Schmidt 223; Mitch Powell 223

High Individual Game: Ben Ellam, Clay 300
High Individual Series: Ben Ellam, Clay 523
High Team Game: Clay 1,111
High Team Series: Clay 2,048

...and a photo of Ben (left) and his brother Andy - Clay's secret weapons.


Amy Bradburn said...

Oooh, maybe he can sub for me sometime on my league! I'm lucky to break 100!

Lisa Ellam said...

Great entry! I got an email from Kim in Florida saying I was a bad girl for letting her hear about all this from you! HA! I have a special post going up next week regarding it.'s a secret for now!!!!