Monday, October 06, 2008

It's Good to Have Friends...

We had company over the weekend and my Saturday was spent cleaning and cooking in preparation. My BFF Mary Lou went to the Vera Bradley "Trunk Show" in Ft. Wayne. Mid morning, my phone rang and Mary Lou was like a "mad woman" - perusing the aisles, looking for the best bargains. She called to see what I wanted. I told her to pick me up a backpack if they had any - I could use it for vacations and weekend trips. Fifteen minutes after Mary Lou called, my friend Amy called and she was there too - checking to see if I wanted anything. Was I the only person left in South Bend????

So, Mary Lou came over last night with her gigantic bag of bargains and I couldn't believe it!!! Carrie and I are definately going to the show next spring. Anyway, not only did she get me a backpack, she also picked up a purse for me. Retail cost of these two - $174. Trunk Show cost - $45!!! Like I said, it's good to have friends.

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Arlette said...

Hey! I don't remember MY phone ringing!

I love them! Very cute.