Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Perfect Day....

You know how we live our life on a crazy schedule? I usually plan all my running around my lunch hour - eating something while I drive from one stop to the next. Not today. I'm on Day 2 of a three-day vacation that I gave myself. This morning, I ran all of those errands - the one's that I've been putting off for weeks. Then I spent an hour just browsing in the library. Can't remember the last time I did that! Then I went to Max and Erma's and treated myself to lunch and a piece of their scrumptious banana cream pie. I know - I know - I didn't need it - but it's my BIRTHDAY and I can be "bad" today. After consuming those calories, I proceeded to Serah Day Spa where I enjoyed a 1-hour spa pedicure - thanks to my children. It's been an hour since I finished and I'm still walking around in a daze. It was PURE HEAVEN!!!

So that's it. That's what my lazy birthday consisted of and it was PERFECT!

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Malissa Ayala said...

Happy Birthday - sounds like a wonderful way to spend your bday!