Friday, August 01, 2008

It's August......

Where the heck has this summer gone??? I'm not ready for August - mainly because it means my birthday is looming and I don't want to be another year older. So, how am I going to celebrate the dreaded day? Well, I'm not going to work. In fact, I'm taking off a few days early next week. Carrie's sending her kids to the sitter on Monday and we're spending the entire day scrapbooking. As for Tuesday and Wednesday - we may take the kids to the beach for the day and we may spend a day in Chicago. I think that American Girl store is calling out to Gracie and Grandma.

As for today...looks like I'll be spending the afternoon at the License Branch - renewing my license and tranferring the title and obtaining plates for Kevin's new car. Tomorrow night, Bob and I are doing dinner at Lunkers (Angler's Inn) with some of his baseball friends.

As much as I love the summer months, I'm looking forward to fall - to things slowing down just a little and of course to spending my Saturday's with Bobby's bunch and tailgating and cheering for the Irish.

But as for right now - welcome to AUGUST!!

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