Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We Have a Photographer.....

That's it!!! All the MAJOR pieces of the wedding puzzle are in place.

We have:
  • Bride and Groom
  • Date
  • Church
  • Reception Site
  • Cake
  • DJ
  • and a Photographer

I spent the past week researching local photographers. I browsed through countless galleries and did comparisons between pricing, number of hours, number of photos, CD rights, etc. I came across one who was just a little different - not the traditional "posed" photos. His specialty was more as a photo journalist. He described his style as modern, avant-garde. He didn't know it yet, but he was going to be a perfect match for this bride. I sent Chrissie several websites to check out. She responded within a day and he was immediately at the top of her list.

Now is when it gets funny. She starts telling Brock about this photographer, about his website and his photos - and she tells him that this guy was a Bethel graduate (as is Brock). Chrissie calls me and asks for the photographer's name and I tell her "Andrew Conrad". I hear her repeat the name to Brock and he starts laughing. Turns out that Brock knows him. Andrew was a roommate with some of Brock's baseball teamates.

Chrissie, Brock and I met with Andrew last night at the South Bend Chocolate Cafe - to disuss the wedding. By the time the meeting was over, we were ready to cancel our pending meetings with other photographers. Andrew is the one. Chrissie and Brock are happy - and so am I, 'cause that's the last major thing to get booked.

Now, we can sit back and relax for awhile - until fall and winter get here - and then we can start thinking about flowers and invitations and dresses.

You can check out some of Andrew's wedding photography here and I'll let you know when Chrissie and Brock's engagement session is online and ready to view.


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