Thursday, June 12, 2008

South Bend Cardinals

There's a baseball league here in South Bend - the Northern Indiana Adult Baseball League. Anyway, Bob has played on this team for years. I think he's one of the oldest guys on the team. Let me just start by saying that if you are a CARDINAL, you are part of a brotherhood. I really don't quite understand it all - but I know that beer drinking is a very major part. The team motto is "A Drinking Team With a Baseball Problem".

Over the past few years, the Cardinals have continued to age gracefully - but they found that they were no longer winning those championships and that the teams they were playing against were getting younger and younger. So a couple of years ago, the Cardinal "management" started bringing some younger players on board - you know, some "ringers". This season, our Kevin was asked to join the team. He really seems to be enjoying it, especially since he's hitting and scoring and running circles around the "old guys".

...and I think Bob really enjoys being in that dugout with his son. Have fun Kevin... you are now part of the Cardinal "brotherhood".

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