Friday, June 20, 2008

She Hasn't Stopped Smiling.....

Chrissie stopped by my office yesterday on her lunch hour to show off her ring.

I stopped at the veterinary clinic after work to see if she wanted to go for a margarita and discuss some plans. The office girls at the clinic said she hadn't stopped smiling all day. (When have you EVER known Chrissie not to have a big smile on her face?)

So, we sat on the patio at Hacienda and had a margarita and discussed colors and dates. I contacted the reception hall yesterday and they have three August weekends available in '09. Chrissie and Brock plan to make a decision in the next week and get the hall booked - then it's off to talk to Father Largent at St. Monica. Right now, it looks like they're leaning towards August 22, 2009.

She's had her heart set on black and pink for a color scheme - so that's what we're looking at. Black tea-length dresses with pale pink and dark rose, maybe a little orange and lots of green mixed in. Something like these....

I'm planning to contact the same cake lady that I used for Carrie's wedding. Her website has some beautiful ideas. I found a few photos online and have added them to my idea notebook to eventually discuss with her.

So, we sucked down our margaritas and she leaned across the table and said, "You wanna go to David's Bridal?" Why not?? The two ladies who helped us get registered were laughing because she'd only had her ring for 24 hours. That didn't matter one bit to Chrissie. She tried on probably eight dresses! Some were a definate "maybe". She ended up having three put into the computer under her account - all three were totally different in style. There are two more that she really wants to see, but both are new and have not arrived at the store yet. They will email me as soon as they come in and we'll schedule another session with all of her sisters there. She wants their input before she makes any decisions. (Like the four of them wouldn't want to give her some advice!!)

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