Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do You Wanna Know a Secret?

As the Beatles used to sing....

Listen (ooooh waaaah ooooh), do you wanna know a secret? (ooooh waaah ooooh)

Do you promise not to tell? (whoa whoooooo)

Closer (ooooh waaaah ooooh), let me whisper in your ear. (ooooh waaah ooooh)

OK - OK - so now that I've got your attention - you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow. SORRY!

Hang in there - it'll be worth it!


Amy Bradburn said...

What the heck? The suspense will kill me! Can I guess??

Arlette said...

I already know!!! Nah nah nah!!!

Patty Knight said...

The countdown is on - six hours from now, the secret will be revealed. I promise to post details and photos tomorrow!!!

Patty Knight said...

...and as for my sister in law knowing the secret - that's only because she lives 1200 miles away and she can't spill the beans!!

....and the fact that she's my sister and I just HAD to share with someone!