Friday, May 09, 2008

The Week in Review.....

Aside from working 40+ hours - what else did I accomplish in the past seven days?

  1. A bachelorette party for Chrissie's best friend Brianne. (I may be a grandmother, but I'm not DEAD!) Where the HECK did my daughter come up with some of those games??!!!
  2. A Scentsy Party at Colleen's house - - if you haven't been to one of these, you're missing out!!!!!
  3. Two high school softball games - with unfavorable outcomes - but then, what else is new?
  4. Dinner at Hacienda with family to celebrate Grace's 4th birthday.
  5. Booked our cabin for our November 2009 cruise.
  6. The dog to the vet this morning for shots and a grooming.

    Tomorrow, we're looking at a Softball Invitational with a potluck between games and somehow squeeze in a wedding at noon, cocktails at 4:00 and dinner at 5:00.

    My wish for Mother's Day - absolutely NOTHING!!!! Just let me relax!

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