Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Five Years....

Sometimes it's hard to comprehend "time". When you're a child, even an hour seems like forever. Think how long a minute seems when you're in the final stages of labor. I heard a news reporter yesterday say that it's been five years since the War in Iraq started. Five years. Was it really that long ago that we stood huddled together as a family - holding on to Bobby and not wanting to let him go. Five years since I heard his voice on the other end of a phone telling me that "this will be the last time you'll hear from me for awhile" - the day they left Camp Pendleton and boarded a flight to Kuwait. Five years since I waited by the mailbox day after day in hopes of a letter that was written weeks earlier or prayed for that phone call at 2:00 in the morning - knowing it would be coming from a satellite phone on the other side of the world. Five years since he stepped off that bus and back into our arms. We are one of the lucky families - our soldier came home to us. We are blessed. Our prayers continue daily for those still serving our country and those families who wait for a letter or a phone call.

This was a photo of Bobby (left) and his best friend Nick - taken somewhere in the desert of Iraq, outside of Baghdad - in March of 2003. We actually received this photo when he sent home some rolls of film and we developed them.

This photo was taken as they were flying home - during a layover in Amsterdam. Bobby said it was the first green grass they'd seen in six months. (The little things we take for granted). Bobby is on the left.

...and finally this photo, taken during happier times. The Marine Corp Birthday Ball - five months after they had come home. The medals earned during their service at war, worn proudly on their chests. (Bobby is in the center).

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