Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Old Man Winter....

...is holding on for dear life. Yesterday, I could actually see about 80% of my yard. Today, it's buried AGAIN under six more inches of snow. COME ON!!! Old Man Winter just needs to find a place to crawl off to and DIE! Saturday is March 1st for cryin' out loud!!!! Kelli has her first high school game three weeks from Saturday. They'll be lucky if they even get OUTSIDE to practice by that date. Anyway - this was my view this morning as I drove Kelli to school.

It helps knowing that six weeks from today, this will be the early morning view from my balcony on the Empress deck - somewhere off the coast of Belize.

39 days - 39 days - 39 days - 39 days - 39 days - 39 days

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Arlette said...


What a beautiful picture!!!
I know that you are sick of it, but I am sooooo jealous!!!