Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Our poor Hacienda waitresses are probably still trying to recover from the 19 of us last night! It was a great time - and fun to see Kelli surrounded by her family and friends on her 16th birthday. As for me, I sat back and enjoyed the view (along with an orange creme margarita). YUM!!

Here's Kelli and her best buddy Michael - the two of them have grown up together for the past 16 years - just three months apart in age and living on the same street, they were destined to be buds.

Brock and Chrissie and Melissa and Ryan are always ready for a "party".

...and here's big brother Bobby with Angela.

Jack was there to wish Aunt Kelli a "happy birthday".

Ben was more interested in telling Grandpa about the day he'd had.

...and then there's always the embarassing "sombrero" photo for the birthday guest.

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