Monday, February 18, 2008

And Now It's My Turn...

When Bob and I were in Chicago in December (to see PHANTOM), I saw a poster outside the Cadillac Theater announcing that JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR would be in Chicago for one week in February. Bob just looked at me and shook his head. He knew his wallet would be hit hard AGAIN! I came home that weekend, went online and bought two tickets. This will be my fifth time to see it - and the fourth and final time to see Ted Neely as Jesus. I don't know if I ever care to see it without him in the lead role. He starred in the movie in 1973 at the age of 30 and today, he is 65 years old and on his final tour. From the articles and reviews I've read, he's AWESOME and can still hit those notes. The song sung in this scene (Gethsemane) is my favorite and always brings me to tears.

I saw it for the first time while I was in college. I took Carrie to see it when she was in college and she loved it. Bob and I have seen it twice together. This is Chrissie's time. I've kept it a secret for two months and told her last night so that she could have one week to look forward to it. We'll be on the train early Saturday morning, have lunch in Chicago and see the afternoon performance. I'm looking forward to sharing this story (of the final seven days of the life of Jesus) with Chrissie during this Easter season.

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