Friday, January 18, 2008

Worn Out Before It Starts.....

This weekend promises to be wild and wacky - no relaxation in sight!!!!!
  • Tonight - Kelli and I are going to see her BFF Maggie perform the title role in "ANNIE" - for St. Joe High School.
  • Tomorrow - Kelli has a hair appointment, a tanning appointment and nails to be done for tomorrow night's Mid-Winter Dance at Clay High School.
  • Tomorrow afternoon - Rock Star and I have a party to go to with his baseball buddies. I'll be stopping there in after dropping Kelli off at home to finalize her preparations.
  • Then it's back home at 5:30 for the photo session with six couples. Why MY house????
  • Tomorrow night - Rock Star performs at the American Legion Post 357 and a big crowd is expected!!
  • Sunday - it's another hair appointment and more photos and the St. Joe Mid-Winter that she's attending with a grade school friend.
  • Of course, she can sleep on Monday and recover from her weekend because there's no school - but of course, I'll be right back here - unrested and ready to face another week.
  • Add to this the fact that it's supposed to be the Winter Weather Weekend from Hell - subzero temperatures and windchills and SNOW.

Just keep reminding myself that only eleven more weeks and I'll be relaxing in sun and warmth.

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