Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We walked to a neighbor's house last night around 8:00. A gentle light snow was falling - very pretty - very serene. Five hours later we walked home in a virtual blizzard. There I was, with a little bit too much champagne under my belt, trying to follow the tire tracks left in the street. I did fine - made it all the way home and then FELL right on my well-padded behind in my own driveway. Rock Star didn't even help me up - because he was doubled over laughing. Oh well, I think I was doing a lot of laughing too!!

This morning, we woke up to a beautiful sight - I say beautiful because I don't have to go anywhere today. I can stand and enjoy nature's beauty from the comfort of my nice, warm home. Not sure how I'll feel about it at 7:30 tomorrow morning when I have to make my way to the office.

I actually put on my warm clothes, boots and was ready to go out and enjoy it - you know, take Rigby for a walk - breathe in the fresh air. Well, Rigby took one look at that snowdrift in the driveway, raised his leg, did his "thing" and ran right back into the house. What a wimp! Aren't dogs supposed to love running and playing in the snow? Well, not this pansy, house dog.

Then it was time to work on that driveway. Rock Star gave me the choice of the driveway or the kitchen sink. Tough decision on my part. He fought me tooth and nail a few years ago when I wanted to buy a snow blower. He wasn't giving me an ounce of backtalk this morning.

...and finally, I had to take a picture of these two - Rock Star and Kevin, our next door neighbor. They spend their summer months mowing their yards and comparing their golf scores over a cold beer in the driveway. Who knows what conversation is going on this morning....probably praying that they'll see their grass again soon.

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