Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Such a Good Feeling....

I called Carnival this morning and PAID OFF OUR CRUISE!!! Only 80 days to go - 11 weeks. We booked this cruise just about this time last year - over 400 days out. It seemed like such a long time away, and now it's within our sight. Passports were purchased in September and airfare booked since last May - luckily at $205 each. Now, thanks to Spring Break those tickets are over $500 for the same week. There are approximately forty of us going on this cruise - family/friends. Most of those cruising are Floridians but there are ten of us are flying down from South Bend and four from St. Louis. A big bunch of us have booked a River Tubing Excursion in Belize. Some of us are doing a 65' Catamaran/Snorkel/Beach Break in Cozumel and it looks like we're leaning towards an excursion to Blackbeard's Cay in Nassau - to relax and mingle with the stingrays.

Even though it's snowing and only 19 degrees here, I saw SHORTS for sale this morning at Walmart - and all the sweaters and coats have been moved to the discount racks. A sure sign that spring is right around the corner! My diet is in OVERDRIVE as I sit here drinking my water and munching on rice cakes. I promise I WILL LOOK GOOD in my little black dress come April! I can't make any promises in regards to a bathing suit.

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