Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get Out the Row Boats....

Indiana weather is known to be a little crazy. It's January. In January, it's cold and it snows. We started off the New Year ten days ago with just that - cold temps and lots and lots of snow - more than a foot. It was beautiful.

Then something really weird happened. It got warm. It doesn't do that in January in northern Indiana. This past Monday, the temperatures reached 63 degrees and ALL that snow melted. Then Monday night, we had thunderstorms. Yep, thunderstorms in Indiana in January - lots of thunder and lightning and rain. So, the ground is already saturated with a foot of melted snow and now you add RAIN!!! There's no where for it to go. Now, instead of the streets being covered with snow - they're covered with flood waters.

My office sits just two blocks from the St. Joseph River. Luckily, we're up on the hill and not affected, but just a few blocks from here, Northside Boulevard has been closed for two days because the river has exceeded it's banks. As I drove home last evening, I noticed that the street is closed by the Duck Pond at Leeper Park - the river has covered the road. The ducks and geese are happy.

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