Tuesday, December 04, 2007

QVC - 12 Month Coaster Set and Magnetic Album

I ordered this kit last spring from QVC and have just put it together in the past few weeks. It will make a perfect Christmas gift for someone "special" on my list. Black and white pictures worked the best and I'm really pleased at how it turned and how quick it was to assemble. Each month was packaged separately and all embellishments, ribbons, brads, etc. and the rub-ons were included. I ended up decorating the cover of the album on my own. I scanned the coasters four to a page, so it would be easier to view all of them at once. Each one of these coasters is approximately 4 x 4 and was the perfect size to hold a wallet photo. On the back of each is a small magnet and then the coaster snaps right into the larger album provided with the kit. The other neat thing is that there is a nice little brass easel and you can remove each coaster from the album and display it in the easel for a month and then return it to the book. At the end of the year, all your layouts will be in one place.

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