Friday, December 15, 2006

Glory Cruise - Day 6

Today was our second day "at sea" - just sailing - on our way to our final port of call - Nassau. We were up and about early - grabbing our prime spots on the Lido Deck. Today's contest was Survivor and leave it to my little brother to enter himself in that one. He quickly became the "crowd favorite". He won the rounds that had him swimming the most laps underwater without coming up for air and he and his teammate won the scavenger help - thanks to a lot of help from some lady fans on the Lido Deck. The best part was seeing him have to dress in that bikini top he collected, along with the purse, ladies sandals and sunglasses and then parade himself around the pool. Sadly, he finished second because he couldn't peel and eat his orange fast enough. Pretty bad for a kid raised in Florida!
I was kind of the party pooper most of the week when it came to staying out late. But they kept me up tonight - dancing to 70's - 80's music at WHITE HEAT and partaking in the Grand Gala Buffet at midnight.

The buffet opened at 11:00 p.m. for photographs only and then at midnight to devour these creations.

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