Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Roy Hobbs World Series

The South Bend Cardinals will have one more night at the indoor batting cages - and then the equipment will be loaded and two non-flyers will start the drive to Ft. Meyers, Florida. The rest of them will fly out on Friday and Saturday. First game - Sunday evening at 6:00. The South Bend team consists of local players, along with two from Chicago and two from Massachusetts. As the guys love to put it - it's a week of Baseball, Beer, Beach and Ben-Gay.
Bob went for the first time last year - and couldn't wait to go back again. Could that be because he was voted last year's MVP? Is he looking for a repeat? Must be something pretty serious, because he gave up a Caribbean Cruise with me in 5 weeks to return with the "boys" to Ft. Meyers.

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