Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just One More Win...

...and tonight our "ace" is on the mound (Chris Carpenter). Can the weary Redbirds do it? Will it be a St. Louis/Detroit World Series?? We've got to pick up just one more win against the Mets and hopefully tonight will be the night.

I've been a Cardinal fan for as long as I can remember - probably because I grew up just an hour outside of St. Louis. It was nothing for us to head to the "big city" for a ball game. I remember sitting in Sportsman's Park as a grade school student watching Kenny Boyer and then in Busch Stadium as a high school student cheering on Lou Brock and Bob Gibson. Bob's and my first date in 1970 was a Cardinal ball game. As young parents, Bob and I would drag Carrie and Bobby to the ball park to develop their love for the Redbirds and cheer on Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Tommy Herr and Vince Coleman. In fact, we had a litter of kittens when Carrie, Bobby, Katie and Colleen were litte - and the kittens were named - Ozzie, Willie, Vince and Tommy.

Now, I'm a grandmother - but my love for the Cardinals hasn't faded. It's a new generation of players. Kelli loves Scott Rolen and Kevin lives for Albert Pujols. As for me, I'm a fan of David Eckstein. It's not easy to live here in Indiana - amidst Cubs and White Sox fans - but our dedication to the Cardinals will always be strong, no matter where we live. I remember when we moved here 19 years ago and Bobby (who was 10 at the time) turned to us and asked, "Do I have to be a Cub fan?"
Absolutely NOT!!!

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