Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day - Blueberry Festival

This was probably every man's worst nightmare - a weekend of 14 year old girl's softball - held at the Blueberry Festival - one of the state's largest arts and crafts (and food) festivals.

But...to give my husband the credit he deserves, he did go with Kelli on Friday night so I could scrapbook with friends. As the weekend progressed, we quickly realized that he should have remained with her - because the Friday night game was the only game we won.

By the time Sunday rolled around - it was Mother/Daughter Day and we arrived at 7:30 a.m. for her first game of the day. After getting "dimed" by a team from Indianapolis, Kelli and I headed to the friendly confines of the Blueberry Festival. We picked up a couple of Christmas presents and shared a lemon shake-up. We enjoyed visiting the craft booths and each of us managed to find some things we just couldn't live without. It's always funny too - with hundreds of thousands of people there - how it never fails that you run into friends and neighbors.

By noon, it was back to the ballpark for the afternoon game - which even though it was a much better game, still ended in a loss for us. By 3:30 we were done and decided to make one more walk through the festival. I had my eye on the chocolate covered frozen banana and Kelli waited in line for the ever popular deep fried Snicker bar. You would not BELIEVE the line of people waiting to sink their teeth into these things!!!

By 5:00, we'd seen enough of the Blueberry Festival for another year and headed back to South Bend for a cookout at Colleen and Jimmy's house. Here we met up with Bob and Chrissie and Brock and Katie and before the evening was over - Bobby and Kevin made it back from Atlanta. They were exhausted, but full of tales of the game between Georgia Tech and Notre Dame.

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